• Pile Height: 35mm
  • Stitches: 18/10cm
  • Color: 4 tones
  • Yarns: Imported yarns
  • Material: Polyethylene Monofilament/ Thatch
  • Green Index Material: 100% recycle materials

eTURF Summer 35 is a green index product that is made from 100% recycle materials. eTURF Summer 35 product is design for landscape usage such as garden, playground, balcony, podium, vertical wall and etc.

eTURF Summer 35 with research and development to produce the replica of natural grass that look like real and greenery concept with maintenance free.

eTURF Summer 35 consists 4 colours combination of blades with Monofilament to create the natural feel and look like real grass. eTURF Summer 35 has 18 stitches with 10cm.

eTURF Summer 35 are certified fire retardant and “NON-TOXIC” for safety that safe for children to play. eTURF Summer 35 also has UV resistance to enhance the product against discolouration with 5 years warranty.

eTURF – maximising greenery place with reasonable budget

eTURF products are affordable that value for investment. Its products are suitable indoors and outdoors

Create greenery landscape with eco friendly products

eTURF is made from environmentally-friendly raw materials. No hazardous substances are released into the environment and no pollution of the soil will take place.

About eTURF

eTURF has six products that absolutely can cover your needs.

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