Hassle Free Maintenance, Looks Naturally Green and Feels Natural.
Fire Retardant
8 Years Warranty
Yarn from Netherland

The Advantages of Excelturf

  • Excelturf looks naturally green and feel natural
  • Excelturf feels comfortable and soft
  • No need to mow, spray or fertilise
  • Excelturf does not lose its colours fastness
  • Excelturf can be used intensively
  • Children and animals love Excelturf
  • Excelturf gives the best solution of any garden design
  • Excelturf will last many years
  • Specially designed for private landscaping

Excelturf Range of Products

Your Alternative Solution

Whatever The Need, Excelturf Has It Covered

Excelturf comes in a large number of different shapes, sizes, texture and shades of natural green. Excelturf provides the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Choose the right installation for the specific use you have in mind.

Domestic Consumers – For Your Landscaping Needs

Beautify the garden for daily enjoyment at home or work place with Excelturf. This durable, unique synthetic turf requires no maintenance and is a stylish solution for any garden, balcony or roof garden. You will be amazed at how affordable installing Excelturf is. We offer a range of high-quality Excelturf that has been especially designed for landscaping and other private uses. Be inspired by our selection of Excelturf products, check out photographs of private Excelturf or find out more about Excelturf.

Excelturf is top quality artificial grass. It is made of high-quality Excelturf fibres and retains its lovely green colour, year after year. We provide a 8-year warranty on discolouration.

Landscape architects and consultants believe in Excelturf as the garden solution for landscape at roof gardens, terrace and play areas. Excelturf is a one-time investment that benefits for the long term and it will reward you with years of pleasure. Excelturf has been around for more than 10 years and is developed by professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about garden landscaping. Have your Excelturf or landscaping fitted by one of our specialist retailers. That way, you are assured of the best standard of quality.

Before you decide to install any artificial or synthetic lawn, please get the professional advice from the landscape architect or consultant or the experienced Excelturf dealers. Listen to professionals and be a smart consumer. A professional Excelturf installer with experience will check the ground base, select the right materials and the Excelturf installation method that reflect the beauty and wonderful look of the Excelturf for years.

To install natural grass at the sky garden is a maintenance nightmare. The hassle and replacement will add to the cost for the maintenance. There are never ending horror stories of problems for natural grass to keep healthy and stay green.

Do away with the hassle of maintaining your garden balcony. Excelturf is the best solution for sky garden with no maintenance. They look naturally green, feel natural and nice to walk around


Excelturf is a trusted name with strong market presence in the turf and synthetic lawn for landscapes and sports care industry

It is a renowned brand that stands for excellent quality and expert service, and it is also backed by more than 10 years of proficient expertise.


Excelturf conforms to stringent Europe and Asia Standards for high quality turf.

Excelturf has been certified by Europe, Australia and Singapore for Non-Toxic and Fire Retardant for greater safety assurance and peace of mind.

It has excellent ultraviolet (UV) resistance ensures better product lifespan in the long run

Excelturf gives eight years warraty against discoloration even in harsh tropical weather.


Excelturf provides safe, comfortable and high-performance yarn surfaces as joy for children. It is designed using proven safe materials with absolutely no harmful effect.


Excelturf provides against discoloration with eight years warranty.

Fire Retardant

Excelturf is certified as fire retardant by the Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA), is the largest wool testing organisation in the world.

AWTA has played a major role in providing a bridge between the research and the commercial application of testing technology, by facilitating further research and development, sponsoring and participating in practical trials, and developing and implementing relevant national and international standards, procedures, methods and technology, providing major benefits to all segments of the wool industry in Australia and overseas.


Excelturf is also certified as non-toxic product by the SGS Netherlands B. V which provides safe and comfortable for children.

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. 


Excelturf product is made by TenCate yarn from Netherlands which is the leading industry of synthetic turf systems.


Excelturf has six products that absolutely can cover your needs.

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