Excelturf Ezy

  • Pile Height: 30mm
  • Color: 3 tone
  • Yarns: Netherlands “Tencate”
  • Material: Polyethlene Monofilament/ Thatch
  • Stitches: 18

Excelturf Ezy products have been developed specifically for a range of landscape including garden, balcony, playground and vertical walls

It is the results of years of research and development to replicate the performance and safety. Using Tencate’s yarn, renowned for its resilience and performance, the fibres literally stand up to intensive usage.

Excelturf Ezy is created from 3 colours blades with monofilament that look, feel and play like natural. Excelturf Ezy manufactured with density of 18 stitches/ 10cm is the mid pile and soft feeling with usage (Landscape) products manufactured and tested to meet the international standard.

Excelturf Ezy is available in a standard roll of 4 metre with 20 linear metre length.

Excelturf Ezy – Your Great Solution for Garden, Balcony, Playground and Vertical Wall

Excelturf Ezy offer great stability with UV resistance comes with 8 years warranty of discolouration and fire retardant plus “NON-TOXIC” that safe for children to play that certified by laboratories of countries such as Singapore, Australia and Netherland.

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Excelturf is the best solution for your garden with no maintenance. They look naturally green, feel natural and pleasant to walk around.

About Excelturf

Excelturf has six products that absolutely can cover your needs.

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